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The Search for Talent

Over the past decade, talent has become more important than capital, strategy, or R&D. Think about the sources of competitive advantage that companies have. Capital is accessible today for good ideas and good projects. Strategies are transparent: Even if you’ve got a smart strategy, others can simply copy it.

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Hiring a Key Financial Person

Hiring or replacing a Key Financial Person can be a daunting task. Often they are key to the mission of the organization. This post delves into strategies for finding the best talent.

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ManpowerGroup Survey

Employers say a talent shortage has saddled their efforts to fill jobs, according to a survey by ManpowerGroup. More than 50% of U.S. employers reported having difficulty filling “mission-critical” positions within their companies, up from 14% in 2010. Among the hardest positions to fill included jobs in skilled trades, sales and engineering.

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