Executive Search

Executive Search

Our team of experienced Executive Recruiters partner with clients of all sizes to recruit qualified leaders matched to their unique needs and culture. By accessing our extensive network, and hunting for the passive candidates.

Whether filling a new position or replacing an incumbent, our team of experienced recruiters has the network and methodology to match the right person to your needs.

The Process

Our process starts by meeting with key decision makers to gain an understanding of the crucial as well as subtle responsibilities of the position and developing the profile for an ideal candidate.

Special attention is paid to find ways to leverage the position within the organization to provide additional value. That is, if the profile is properly designed, what additional responsibilities can the candidate assume in addition to what would be considered normal.

The Results

A search is then completed to identify candidates that match the profile. Qualifying, interviewing and referencing is completed before presentation to the client.

LauberCFOs has been successful in recruiting largely due to its research capabilities and good reputation with the local financial community.  We have completed strategic searches for companies ranging from $10 million to $250 million in revenue.