Part-time CFO

Part-time CFO

With the Part-time CFO model, you can a engage a seasoned CFO on a flexible part-time basis – a day or two a week, once a month, or as often as needed – at a cost you can afford.

Serving as an ongoing member of your management team, your LauberCFO will work hands-on to move your business forward, both financially and organizationally. Confident from the financial leadership, you will be free to focus on the areas where you are most valuable to your company.

Understand the services provided by a Part-time LauberCFO

While the role of a Part-time CFO varies from company to company, there are some things you can expect from your Part-time LauberCFO:

  • A long-term strategic viewpoint that keeps the business on track15776966
  • A knowledgeable professional willing to ask the tough questions
  • Timely reporting of financial results leading to proactive responses
  • A focus on managing your critical cash-flow position
  • Credibility with lenders resulting in improved relationships
  • An experienced eye looking for cost savings and profit improvements
  • The power of bench-marking your results against other businesses
  • A mentor with definitive answers for accounting staff
  • Access to LauberCFOs broad network of proven resources

Another view of a Part-time CFOs role can be seen in our Priority Checklist.  This is a tool we often use to determine which areas the client would like us to focus on first. View a copy of our Priority Checklist.

The value of a part-time CFO in larger companies

Over the years we have had many engagements in businesses where you would expect to find an experienced full-time CFO. In these businesses, real long term tangible value can be gained from:

  • A LauberCFO mentoring a Controller or less experienced CFO in situations where management desires to provide an opportunity to a rising star, but at the same time needs to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks during the transition.
  • A LauberCFO coaching a family member who needs to gain the experience and strategic financial perspective which will enable them to take over the CFO role for the long term.
  • A LauberCFO bridging experience gaps arising from unique circumstance like explosive growth, acquisitions, systems integrations, downsizings, etc.
  • A LauberCFO providing specific upper-level financial management skills in organizations where members of a broad management team assume some of the duties that would normally be handled by a Full-time CFO

The value of a part-time CFO in smaller companies

In addition to the entrepreneurial owner, the typical day-a-week client will have a bookkeeper but not a degreed accountant, and will work alongside an outside accounting firm. The independent firm will continue to provide tax services and certified statements if required by lenders or other third parties.

As a relationship driven service, the role of the Part-time LauberCFO is both hands on and advisory. A major value comes from open interaction and the LauberCFO serving as an informed sounding board for the owner. This value enhanced by the LauberCFO’s involvement in, and understanding of, the day to day workings of the business.

  • The Part-time LauberCFO is normally responsible for financial statements, meaningful budgets, financial models, cash flow projections, cost analysis, banking relationship, risk management, and supervision of the bookkeeper.
  • In some cases human resources and information systems are included in the LauberCFO’s responsibility.